GMiS Conference Preparedness

Whether it's your first virtual conference or your 5th, here is some information to help you get the most out of your time at the virtual GMiS Conference in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Is your tech ready?
Many of the events during the virtual GMiS Conference will have an element of face-to-face contact with your peers and professionals. While this is NOT a requirement for participating in the conference, please ensure that you have a working webcam that will enable you to have a fulfilling experience. An integrated laptop camera/mic is fine.
We have found that most users have a better experience when using a larger device to connect to virtual events, such as a laptop or desktop pc. An iPad or other tablet will work with most platforms GMiS is using except for the Career Fair which does NOT have a mobile friendly app. Zoom, Shindig and Google Meet all have apps available for download for iOS and Android.

These browsers are supported on all platforms across all operating systems. Use or download either browser for an optimal experience. For the Career Fair, Google Chrome is the recommended browser.
Make sure that you won’t run into any hiccups in connectivity by testing your internet bandwidth. Internet connection with 3.2+ Mbps inbound and outbound is required.
Video Test:
Step 2: Learn about the GMiS Conference web tools
The GMiS Conference Portal is your gateway to the virtual conference. Here you will find the calendar and links to all the events you selected with your registration. In addition, notifications, FAQs, as well as helpdesk answers to conference-related questions may be found in the portal.
Real-time audio/video platform for Webinars, Speed Networking, Hospitality Suites, Scholars Reception, CAHSI Hackathon and Data Analytics Competitions. Click Here for a demo to see how it works.
Online group chat available to GMiS Conference Attendees. Reach out to other attendees and receive notifications of reminder and events during the conference
GMiS Awards Showcase events and recorded webinars
Real-time audio/video for Networking Events, Hospitality Suites, and Webinars. Click Here for a demo to see how it works.
Web-based real-time text/video chat for the virtual GMiS Career Fair. Click here for a demo to see how it works.
Step 3: Prepare yourself for networking
Make sure your resume is well-polished. Make any updates and improvements as well as have an advisors, faculty, career counselor or trusted friend help edit your resume into the proper format.
Most of your virtual interactions will begin with a text chat. Following your resume update, spend time composing a 1-2 sentence elevator pitch that succinctly tell who you are and your career aspirations. Have these sentences typed and ready for you to copy and paste on the chat boxes.
There will be many opportunities to video chat with professionals, recruiters, and peers during the Conference, especially the career fair. Do your best to find a clean, quiet setting for you to focus in during the events. Make sure you have good connectivity for the duration of the event.
For the same reasons you want a clean and quiet space, you also want to make sure you set a good impression, just as if you were going to the Conference in person. In addition to the Career Fair, our Shindig and Zoom events will also provide you the opportunity to speak with professionals and recruiters.
Step 4: Be successful
Be sure to go over the GMiS Conference schedule and bookmark the events you are most looking forward to attending!
Our list of recruiters and graduate school representatives is growing! Be sure to check out our Career Fair page here to get an up-to-date look at who you will the opportunity to meet with!
When registering for the conference, you will have the option to also register for a spot in specific webinars and hospitality suites with our sponsors/recruiters.